You know you're a Weight Weenie when...

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by Donny70

You have more micro scales than a drug dealer?

I asked the surgeon about TI for my toe fusion op and he said stainless was better. Plus the extra weight would be counteracted by the loss of 6mm of bone... ;)

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by athos wonder how to get rid of all the higgs boson particles in your bike.

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by JureC29

When you weight your bib pants, before going on uphill race.... My team buddy has practised that :)) :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

My reaction was, like... :shock: :shock: :shock: wtF? :shock: :shock: :shock: :lol: :lol:

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by TOflat

When you have gone through exchanging steel screws for titanium, titanium for aluminum, aluminum for nylon, and nylon for carbon.

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I don't know the preference of kitchen scale of my wife's. She mostly buy quality scales for kitchen needs and Weight Weenie is not a big issue for her!

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by mattyb95


You have more detailed spreadsheets for bike components than you do for any work assignment

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by HammerTime2

When you filter out the heavy water when filling your water bottle.

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by the_marsbar

You know you're a WW when you weigh the titanium hardware you had in your back (MTB accident)...


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by astranoc

when your friends tells you, that you suffer from bikorexia :lol:

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by davec

When you replace your scale for a lighter model

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by spOOn1965

-When U place the bike in the Hot sun some hours, before weighing....

This integrated frame, can loose up to 200gr. -in a few hours ! (Pure evapuration)
woody sub 4kg -on a very sunny day....jpg
-Will Race for food..

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Marlboro Man
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by Marlboro Man

Two Weight Weenies riding through the park......

"Nice wheels, when did you get those?"
"I was riding through here after work, a gorgeous blonde passed me, jumped off the road onto the grass and took off all her clothes. She told me to take what I wanted............."
"Too right, her frame would have probably been too small........"

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by jockalldrick

I thought the sign of a weight weenie was a light wallet?

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by Garnished

When you drill holes in every part of your bike.

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by audiophilitis

...when you name your first born "carbon" or "ti"

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