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by MisterEd

Hi everyone!

I'm fairly addicted to reading the weight weenies forum many times a day but find this difficult if I'm out and about or at work.

I'd like to be able to easily read it from my iPhone and don't find viewing it on Safari too much fun.

I've noticed that there are several iPhone forums reader apps around but that they need something to be installed on the server to make them work.

My questions are:

- Would anyone else find this useful? (it seems a lot of the people of the site have iPhones)

- Does anyone else have experience of using these apps for reading forums?

Any other thoughts would be great!


by Weenie

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by prendrefeu

I would find it useful.

Really useful.

How many usefuls do we need to convince the admins to install the plugin?
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by ico

plus 1.

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by Sleg8

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by Ruds


posted from my iPhone...

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by bomber

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

I'm ok with using the iPhone now on here, but I wouldn't mind a plug in.

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by ahumblecycler

And if you could create one for the Google Droid, I would love that! Please.

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by gumgardner

iPhone App please although I'm
on this site all the time with my iPhone and love it.

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by dgasmd


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by djm

In favour of that plugin being installed :-)

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by pruveit


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by tcurtbike

Count me in as well. Something for Android would be great!

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by PalleRaa

if not too much trouble I would love it as well.
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by Weenie

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by jmilliron

Forum actually works pretty well as long as you've got a higher res screen like on the iPhone 4 and newer gen Android phones.
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