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by wisgliebau

It's been very interesting to come to this forum! I've been cycling for about two years now and am merely a 21 years punk, by the measure of most! I have a rather computer-like brain when it comes to learning and utilizing information for my benefit and continue to "evolve" in my cycling preferences with every bit of intake and action I make regarding the hobby. The Weight Weenie forum in particular has sparked my imagination more since my recent patronage than any single faucet of online information has in the past, and that covers multiple hobbies to boot!

Prior to discovering this forum a couple of weeks ago, I thought sub-12 pound road bikes were myths that were rarely experienced even within seasoned riding circles. As few and far between as they may be, the number of weight weenies and WW enthusiasts out there, as well as the accessibility of components that make these advanced bicycles possible is beyond what I could have imagined! I owe this profound jump in my understanding of bicycling's outer limits to this forum...

Going along with the "Weenie taxonomy" thread (where I originally intended to put this post), I've noticed how many different takes people have on weight weenies. Even among the scrupulous patrons here, I may see one post praising a bicycle for it's weight and the next stating that it's ugly as sin! Certainly, variety is inevitable, but where lines must be drawn is hard to figure out... I suppose that in reality there are no lines - and I suspect we may never see a bicycle that everyone will be in awe of! But that's the great part, from what I can tell. It challenges those who are fortunate enough to build and test these machines to create something not only to their liking but to present it before their peers for judgment.

I suppose those bicycles that receive the most praise must be commended for maintaining both aesthetic and technological regards. The ability of a builder to incorporate amiable styling queues and innovative and functional components is certainly worthy of respect! I'd like to believe that the entrepreneurial designs that I see springing up on this board left and right attest to the brilliance of many of the members. This hobby requires decent amounts of "play" money among enthusiasts so I suspect a majority of members are educated and as knowledgeable in their cycling pursuits as they must be in their real world endeavors as professionals! It's really satisfying to find myself in such company, a rarity among online forums. Perhaps one day we will see one of these fine members pull out all the stops and build a bicycle that is as breathtaking as we could ever hope to see? I think that if there's any place on the net where it's likely to surface, it's here!

Now that I've gone so far off track, it seems it would be most proper to make this an address towards the forum population in general. Perhaps I should have written a poem instead? Ha. No, I'm merely bored, I'm thinking about bicycles and I'm content with both right now! Cheers!


(p.s. Please forgive the large number of five cent words... :smartass: I decided to make this my nightly "writing practice" which I typically post on Facebook after getting about half way through!)

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