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by prendrefeu


For some reason I am unable to log in through the browser/internet version but I am able to log in and post purely through the Tapatalk interface. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

When I log in after entering my username & password, I get notice that I have been successfully logged in, however after going back to the forum it shows no indication that I am logged in at all. A bit frustrating, no?

I have tested this on multiple browsers, tried clearing cache and cookies, no difference.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue or similar?
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by sstefanov

Same here. It has been like that since a few hours.


by Weenie

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by btompkins0112

Just tested and mine works fine....

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by t0ph0id

Same here, let's me log in and then no indication that I'm logged in.

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by SalsaLover

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by rijndael

It was broken for me as well, on two computers. In Firefox, I deleted my cookies for starbike.com and weightweenies.starbike.com and it seems to be working again.

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by prendrefeu

Back to working again, thanks.

For some reason my prior attempt at deleting cookies didn't work - but going in directly to my browser's cookies apparently made it happen.
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by AGW

It happened to me too until I cleared cookies (and only because of this thread). I thought I'd been banned :lol:
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by MavicZack

Glad someone was able to get in and post some advice, I was having the same issue with Chrome. Much better after clearing browsing history and cookies.
thanks - z
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by etownfwd

I've been having the same issue, but I can login on my tablet through an app. So is it just a chrome issue and does simply clearing one's cache/cookies correct it?

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by MoPho

I still can't log in on my laptop despite resetting cookies, etc

Can log in on my desktop machine though. Both on Safari


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by Frankie - B

I had the same issue as well. Deleting cookies seems to solve it.
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by PSM

I killed my cookies... :beerchug:

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by djconnel

I'm still unable to log in with Chrome, even after repeatedly tossing my cookies.

by Weenie

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by Svetty

Same problem here.....

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