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by Donny70

I wonder if I can sell my posts?

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by prendrefeu

Perhaps it isn't so much # of posts, but time since registration?

I'm seeing too many new users come on, put out about 30 posts in a quick time period, sell something on the For Sale section - and then disappear completely. Whether or not they are good sellers is not the point.

My suggestion: minimum 1 year since registration date + minimum of 100 posts.

This would help fight the occurrence of the quick registration/post/sell type users. Unless someone is seriously going to be part of this community, they'll probably forget they had an account here for a year. Also, putting up 100 posts is also a bit more of task than 30 or whatever it is now.
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by Weenie

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by WasFab

danventura wrote:I was caught by surprise by this, and after looking over the new rules, I will venture to suggest that they are kind of dumb -- at least the one about the minimum number of posts. On the one hand, I appreciate why they have been changed (to keep the "community" feel and to filter out people who just want to sell). However, just because someone doesn't post to the forums, doesn't mean they aren't reading them and participating in that way (me, for example; I rarely feel like I have anything important enough to post, but I learn from others' posts all the time). Also, I'm not sure what is wrong with people selling things here if there are folks who want to buy them.

Seems like an unintended consequence of this new rule could be a bunch of worthless posts, so people can get above the minimum threshold, and who wants to have to wade through those?

I think OP has here somethingto say and it's right. Btw what the new rule o f number of posts?

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by si1ver

This is the tread that would go on for a while since there are mix feelings about the new rules.
I guess it is the similar feeling when the "pro cycling chat " was limited awhile ago.
IMHO while it does bring some benefit , the traffic to this forum was effected after the pro cycling chat dilemma and I am sure it will happen again this is case .
well.. what do i know I am just a lurker that logs on to this forum almost everyday and hardly post anything since 2006. :P

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by Donny70

I suppose really one should be here for the exchange of info etc. and not to make some quick bux. That being said I don't make that many posts myself as I just don't have anything of interest to say, mostly.

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by keith

Been a member since 2009, but haven't posted much until now ...
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by austke

As somebody who uses the "new posts" button regular. I am regularly finding the for sale post outweighing all other posts as a whole. Sometimes I have to double check that I am not at Ebay by accident. Otherwise WW is a top site.
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by bazman

hi there i am new to the forum didnt realise you had to post a minimum 40 posts to sell anything im same as other person who reads and learns of the forums but dosent feel like posting .

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by Frankie - B

Hi, It is good that you are posting now. you don't actually need 40 posts. anything above 30 is good enough. When you visit the forum to read it, we can't see your presence and discuss with you.
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by Jmeloy

I'm hearing it is now 50?

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by stefanot

It's only 30.

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by arcatern

I want to buy a frame off the For Sale so I have a bike worth posting. Is that a catch 22 or what?!

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by bazmac

arcatern wrote:I want to buy a frame off the For Sale so I have a bike worth posting. Is that a catch 22 or what?!

Hahaha, quite ironic. I'm hearing you though.


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