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Frankie - B
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Location: Drenthe, Holland

by Frankie - B

A little birdy told me that we can expect our favorite hangout to run smoothly somewhere around the weekend. Please cut us some more slack friends. The forum will be migrated to a bigger and faster server.

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by irongatsby

Thank you Frankie! :thumbup:

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by liam7020

That's good news Frankie. Cheers!
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by skinnywellfed

I went to STARBIKE's web site and sent them a mssg. I thanked them for sponsoring WW. Asked if they were aware of just how bad the site had become. They replied; "We have to change the server, done at thursday.."

Sounds like good news all around.

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by bomber

Good news... Thanks to Starbike
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in the industry
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by ultimobici

Does this have any bearing on the Tapatalk issue?

Sir Rides a Lot
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by Sir Rides a Lot

Does anyone else get: "You exceeded the maximum allowed number of login attempts. In addition to your username and password you now also have to solve the CAPTCHA below.
" when trying to log in?

Not that big of a problem, because I know the answer to the question, but still

User Name
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by User Name

^ Yep, I'm getting that.
Also, last night (Melbourne time) it said I was permanently banned for spamming. WTF? Was that a mistake, or has my stupid user name made me vulnerable to hackers?

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by F45

I was also banned for spam.

I like how "permanently" and "spam" were in bold case.

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by User Name

I thought I might've been banned for suggesting that this forum get out of the 1990s and get a facelift.

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by Bogan

F45 wrote:I was also banned for spam.

I like how "permanently" and "spam" were in bold case.

I had the same! I am in Melbourne as well.
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by User Name

*oooooops* :-)

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by bfno

Yep another aussie here that got IP banned yesterday for spam
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by PSM

I was banned too. Who's in charge anyway?

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by Calnago

I also got the message "permanently banned" for "spam". But seems I'm unbanned now. No idea what's going on.
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