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by Rasmus

madcow wrote:Rasmus, he's been doing a bang up job as the forums newest admin, but he's also the best looking guy east of the Mississippi, so giving him an award is redundant. His good looks and charm are reward enough for him in life.

Thank you kindly, Sir, but clearly you are as mad as a hatter. Only east of the Mississippi?

And no, the reward is not what you get for doing what you do, but what you become by doing it.
- Papa R. Fresh

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by Stats

So did anyone actually WIN this contest? My vote goes to Starnut because i like the humour he includes with his informative replies.

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by djconnel

Yes -- Startnut gets a my vote. I love Pez's contribution, but no offense, with all that paint he dumps on his frames, he's not very weenie :).

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by Roobay

didnt think anyone was bothering anymore with this
but if you are
let us know
i like people... i just can't stand assholes

Rodrego Hernandez
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by Rodrego Hernandez

I think that this has died now that the board has changed so much since the award was initiated.

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