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by justkeepedaling

I looked around and didn't see a topic on this, but when people try to delete posts, instead of using up all that extra space on the server and in the topic, can you make it so that we can just actually delete the whole post and not have to edit it and say deleted? Sold and deleted posts always fill up the For Sale section, if you made it so we could fully delete posts, it would be convenient for getting rid of double posts, etc.

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by pharding

+1 this would be a fine improvement that is much needed.

by Weenie

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by anisia

i am so agree with you

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by Stats

agreed - so when you think your computer has locked up just after you clicked 'submit' and nothing happens so you click it again, you can go in and delete that extra post you just made when both clicks worked :lol:

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by danventura

Definitely agree. Not being able to delete old for sale stuff is goofy.

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by Frankie - B

Long ago we decided that we want do not want members to be able to delete their own threads. What happens is that people did actively post in one thread and then decide to pull out and delete their posts. and with that making complete topics unreadable because a part of the info is missing.

If you want a post deleted please click on the "!" in your tool kit and report the post. Ask the mods to "please delete" and it probably will get deleted. Easy as pie!

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by Weenie

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