How much money do some people have?

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by Tippster

For some light relief, check out link below to the Schmolke website:
Schmolke Overpriced Things You Could Easily Live Without

Then select the "Gifts Section"

Beermug € 189
Large Flower Vase € 198
Picture Frame € 199
Bavarian beermug € 249
tray € 259

I know they are made of Carbon Fibre, but who the fcuk buys these "gifts"?
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by Pedä

some people have enougt money...

i am thinking of buying some of this stuff...

-> first this was a advertising idea for the eurobike 2003. but some people (not very much) have bought this stuff. so it is available until today.

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by Cyco

Tippster, I think the coffee cups are pretty cool, and am considering a set, the rest of the stuff I have no personal use for so I will not buy - but I'm sure there is some people who will have a desire for them.

They are not particulary expensive IMHO, you need too look at something like the gold plated version of the Vertu phone, and to me that is not nessesary - but they wouldn't make them if no-one would buy them.
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