Better to be Road or MTB weenie?

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by jonloh

i have both a road bike and mtb.
both are reasonably light [road=7.6kg for road, 10kg for MTB]
due to financial constraints. i can only get either one on a weight weenie diet

was inclined on going weenie on the road bike as road components last longer than MTB and it breaks my heart getting all my MTB stuff trashed on the trail

just wanna know what you guys think...

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by evenfasterson

Sort the road bike out first.

Then keep an eye on adverts in mags and on tinternet for cheap MTB stuff, the small shop ads in the back of mags often have some real bargains. So just wait till something is cheap for the MTB this is what I do.

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by RTW

Depends what you ride more or race. I would say that both are reasonably light, but 10kg for an MTB is pretty good. It starts getting expensive going sub 10kg. Same with roadie.... expensive sub 7kg!

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by jonloh

thanks for your comments...

i race MTB once in a while, but never raced on the road bike.
however, i ride MTB most of the time for training and 'cos i'm lazy to clean
my bike after an off-road ride

yup, would definetely have to agree that after a certain weight, it gets exponentially more expensive to get the weight down

with all that said and done, i still think i'll diet my roadie cos i know the parts will last longer

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