weight weenies kit?

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

Pearl is very, very nice stuff. and the fit is superb!
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by TheBugMan

Let me just clarify what was said over the phone with Squadra.

Buggy(Weenie dude): "Are there any brands out there similar to yours I can try on in the store that fits like your stuff so I know which size to order? Whats the fit most similar too? I have a hard time finding stuff that fits my long torso."
Dave(Squadra): "Our jerseys fit just like Pear Izumi stuff."
Buggy: "What about the shorts? How do the bibs fit compared to other brands?"
Dave: "Its very similar to the Pear Izumi brand. Our shorts run a little longer than most other brands."
Buggy: "You mean from the inseam toward the knee it runs long?"
Dave: "Yeah, I would say our shorts run longer. Our jersey fabric is plush and stretchy, very comfortable, really nice."

Not word for word, but pretty close.
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by afie

Szczuldo wrote:All instructions of payment will be included in the order thread. I cannot give you a specific date but expect it within 2 weeks. Of course I can start it now but I will not ship outside U.S. if that was the case, so I'm choosing to wait since we have plenty of international members.

I would think there would be a few ordering from Australia. If shipping was combined, you can save about $16-20USD via USPS Airmail and then pay $11 for an express post flat rate bag here in Oz.
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by Szczuldo

that's a decent idea actually. I do have one person from Australia ordering so maybe the 2 of you could get in contact to work something out.
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by deepshiikha

how about starbike seeing as they sponsor this forum?

what a collections of human specimans????

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by djconnel

I sent starbike an email and received no response, so conclude they have no interest.

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by CharlesM

Guys Pearl have different fits (WAAAY Different) depending on the model of clothing you mean...

Saying "fits like Pearl" means absolutely nothing unless you qualify it with the specific series of clothing...

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by djconnel

More like "fits like Louis Garneau" now ....

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