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by Keir

Hi, I'd like to put forward a suggestion to the moderators to create a separate board for weight weenies to discuss the epic climbs that serve as playgrounds for our light weight creations. At the moment there doesn't really seem to be a suitable board for this... what do people think?

by Weenie

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by matt_vawter

I think that would be very cool. Good chance to compare climbs, grades and VAM as Dr. Ferrarri likes to refer to one's ability to climb.

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by Mordi

Yes -- please!! I would support it. It seems to me that WWism and climbing go hand in hand, but I am sometimes reluctant to post too much about climbing on the general forum.

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by Tab

YES! Aren't epic climbs the gist of our existence!? Please post details of epic climbs!

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by Juanmoretime

We're listening! Also thinking this thread belongs in the weight weenies forum. :D

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by synchronicity

Why do we need a separate board to discuss it, if we can't even get one thread going?

My epic climb is right out my back door, here in Tenerife.
Sea level to 2300m (~7000ft) in 35km. :shock:
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by Keir

I'd say that's pretty epic.. what would you say is the hardest climb in the world?

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by amojohnny

I would have to say my climb to the top of Mt. Ventoux was quite epic. Messed with my head a bit. Though of alot of cussword as I was goin up. But was DEFINITELY worth it. Fun as hell, would love to do it again.

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by mstechow

For me, epic climbs can be judged by a range of criteria - with altitude and rise only a part of the equation.

Indeed, of the climbs I've done, Dos Lagos de Covandonga and Angliru were epic not only due to the massive elevation, but also because I was riding with great friends [including my gf], the weather was fabulous [for Asturias], and I won my bet to climb Angliru with a non-compact double crankset [as well as being first up].

A local hill where we have our weekend house, which I've done many times, became an epic climb last month when Marijana and I climbed it on the tandem! It is only 10.5 kms long, but nearing 20 percent at times, and with lovely views. She never even wanted to try it, but her words as we came in sight of the village at the top [Zrenj/Stridone] were "Are we here already?" [Buzet to Zrenj, Istria, Croatia]

Most beautiful, in almost any weather - this must be the 30km climb from Kotor, Montenegro up to Njegus, then up further to Lovcen mountain. The views over the Bay of Kotor are spectacular, although the climb is only moderately strenuous [on my list, that is!]

I've got many pics, if anyone is interested.

Hoping to continue this thread...

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by mzagorski

A few climbs out here in Hawaii...

Sea Level at Hilo, Hawaii to the visitor center on Mauna Kea (above that is gravel road) is 10,000ft in about 34 miles. The last 4-6 miles are the worst!

Sea Level at Paia, Maui, Hawaii to summit of Haleakala is 10,020ft in 36 miles.

Plus a few short steep climbs around Honolulu <2 miles but with avg grades of up to 14% if I remember correctly. Brake pad melters!

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by mathi

Just thought i would bring this topic back into every ones memory , very good idea 8)

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by Skillgannon

Wouldn't...cycle chat...serve the purpose for this? Seems pretty much right to me. Create an epic climbs thread there, discuss to your hearts content.
This board would be a nicer place if everyone would take themselves less seriously.

I almost miss Mr Search...

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by mikefromcanmore


enough said !!

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by doubleD

@mike. The climb from mauna lani to hilo is pretty nice, I wouldnt say epic but nice. Have you done it? My nana lives in Mauna Lani. Are you on the big island? when I was out there the drivers were ruthless.

by Weenie

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by mzagorski

Yes, I've done Mauna Kea. I raced there from Hilo a couple times. The first 20+ miles aren't that hard, but that final 4-6 miles are quite brutal after you've attacked, and been attacked at race speed many times before arriving there.

Also, I'm based on O'ahu. I think you'll find that the drivers are *cough* friendly on all islands...

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