W.W.O.T.Y. 2007....?

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by Miller

currieinahurry wrote:so do i win?? :D who has teh final say?

Tell you what, you can be wiegt weene of teh yera. Would that do?

by Weenie

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by Skillgannon

RTW wrote:Okay... then keep nominating in this thread.

As of Wednesday 9pm CET this will be made into a Poll by me. The poll will then run for 7 days.

If the poll is running post this announcement, then I say Mzagorski again. He puts up interesting and unique things up on the board - like the batery changes for SRM Powercontrols and cranks, for example, has had what, 4, 5 decent bikes posted this year (seems always the criteria for WWOTY :?), what more do you want?
This board would be a nicer place if everyone would take themselves less seriously.

I almost miss Mr Search...

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WWotY 2007
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by Adrien

I realized I have a special title this morning when I posted a couple of posts... well god, I even didn't see this topic! Thanks for the persons who voted for me. By the way, was there a poll? :oops: I check the forum rarely now, my wheelbuilding company takes quite a lot of time but I will add my contribution as often as possible here anyway.

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