What scale do you use?

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by TheFatGuy

What kind of scales does everybody use?

Any likes/dislikes?

What's a reasonable capacity to expect?

Any "best values" to be found?
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by Norbert

Same one I used to use to... oh wait... different forum...

triple beam old skool style.....


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by cwmak

I got the ultimate scale and it says accurate +/-1g for the max 3kg one.

I used the model and found the batteries wear out fast.

Or maybe the free batteries that came with it were crap but i would remove the batteries when the scale is not in use.

Apart from that, very good scale and the hanging version has a max of 25kg and a good rubber housing for protection.

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by kman

Try a search, there has been at least one decent thread on this topic that I can remember.
Prices vary wildly for scales but you get what you pay for. Look at what you want to weigh (complete bike, small parts, wheels etc) and then get a scale in the appropriate range. Generally I use two scales - both cheap versions which are good enough for my liking. I'm not looking to have my bike weight validated in the guiness book of world records, so an accuracy of +/- 20g is fine for my bike scale. (I think its some kind of fishing scale, I attach it to my bike workstand)
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by Tillquist

Use :search: and you will find what scales do you use?? - topic from Lør 02 dec 2006
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