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by kman

Hi guys, wasn't quite sure where to post this topic, hope this is close enough...

What I need to know is where I can get some decent quality cutting, grinding, sanding etc bits for my dremel tool. I bought the tool last year and it seems pretty decent but it came with a limited selection of attachments.
I know I can go to hobby shops etc, but I was wondering if any of you guys know and cheaper, decent kits I can pick up.
I'll be back in Sydney soon, and the first project is to tune my XT rapidfire shifters.

Thanks, K.
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by Boonen

Their site isn't working atm but I usually order dremel bits online from dremels own homepage. Maybe they have this service in Australia as well? They might not be the cheapest but are good quality and the advantage for me over a kit is that you can order exactly what you want/need and some of these things don't come in kit's or only in limited quantities.

by Weenie

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by Andre_Q

Go to Supercheap Auto,

I got a pack for $12 with i think 98 assorted bits/attatchments. They are not the best quality in that they wear out quicker than the proper dremel brand stuff but hey 98 bits for $12 or one bit for $14 hmm let me think???


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