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by ProTech

A bit OT but I just noticed that Frankie just bumped his FS thread.

As a moderator he should have the right to do so but it would be nice if WW's average users could also do the same.
No third party bump(that one would cause abuse) just user's own and limited to once every one/two days.

What do you guys think ?

I had to search using the user's name for an active FS thread a while ago to contact the user .
His FS thread was several pages back yet, it was impossible to find his add. He was offering a service to WW members, so may be a a category split with regular FS and service would be in order also.

I think a sticky list of known bad traders should also be added.

*Just my 2cents*

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by nikh

We changed the For Sale forum to not enable users to respond to posts on there as people were chatting about stuff. We would rather that kind of chit chat be spoken via PM or email.

As moderators we can reply, I think it was just a mistake by Frankie.

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by LJ

Hey ProTech, come down from up must be getting dizzy :wink:

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by Skillgannon

I'd look more at people using accounts like LJJ (hmm, nothing sus :roll:) than Frankie giving himself an a little bump

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by Frankie - B

:oops: whoops, sorry guys! somehow I forgot a bit. :shock:
'Tape was made to wrap your GF's gifts, NOT hold a freakin tire on.'

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