Where's Calnago?

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

I'll never forget when he joined, one the first things he did was message me and ask for my proportions because he liked my saddle to bar drop (not a humble brag, I swear) and wanted to know if I were close to his height so he could proportion his new Colnago (of course) to look similar to mine.

While that might not be an ideal approach to bike fitting it does speak to his attention to detail. Loved his inputs and debates I had with him. Will be sorely missed. Tail winds and perfectly proportioned bicycles to you my friend.
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by Weenie

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by fogman

I will always remember Calnago for his passion for Colnago, Campagnolo (mechanical, of course), Tubular Wheels (Bora), and Rim Brakes. I purchased a Colnago C64 in part because of his in depth and now infamous “Colnago C64 - Inside and Out” thread. I will miss the wealth of knowledge he brought to this forum. Rest In Peace, my friend.

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by Mep

What a great loss to the community. We can be thankful that he wrote down a lot of his thoughts while he was with us, so we still have some of his knowledge left on this forum. Ride on Calnago

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by goodboyr

So sad to hear.

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by caballero

Man, I dont even know what to say. Im speechless.

Rest in Peace Cal, thanks for the wisdom. Im gonna miss your posts.

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by onemanpeloton

RIP :(
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by Willier

Loved reading his threads...

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by iankovski

Besides been a guy who rarely post here, I always check the forum for some thoughtful and reliable information. This is the point I found Cal messages. I’m just reading about the passing of our sweetest member. That’s the kind of piece you preach to never read. I’m sure his legacy and passion will transcend his time here with us and we’ll always remember about the passionate guy he was to bicycles and details. Hope we meet again someday.

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by steeley

I've just happened on this thread and although not even a casual aquaintance, I somehow feel a loss !. My deepest sympathy to Cal's family of course, but I have fond memories of studying his 'inside & out' post, in preparation of purchasing and building my very own C64. His controlled perfectionism and accurate reporting appealed to my own character and although very rarely posting on forums, I felt obliiged and a pride to post my finished build and indeed gained a few kind words from Cal himself. We've all got to go sometime and it struck me Cal was enjoying himself in his riding, his bikes, his postings and I'm sure his loved ones, so I now hope he is enjoying one of those amazing 'no chain' days for as long as he likes. Thankyou.

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by Erwin

Really, really sad. Greatest condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed, in real and virtual life. Always have a good ride, Cal! Ride in peace.

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by happyon2wheels

Calnago's posts were always a voice of reason in the sometimes heated forum debate. Whenever I saw a post from him I always went straight to read it and even if neither Colnago nor Campy are my favorites I wanted to read his in-depth reviews with ultra details and great pictures. He will be greatly missed on the forum and, I'm sure, even more in real life by his friends and family. God speed to him.

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by monicard

As a fairly new member of weight weenies I was amazed by the level of detail that Calnago provided regarding the Colnago C64 frame. I even bookmarked the C64-Inside and Out conversation solely because of his outstanding contributions. I am sure the passion in his posts were indicative of his passion for cycling and his passion for life in general. I have just recently (mid Feb) ordered 2 new C64 frames, one for my wife and one for me, primarily because of what I learned from his posts. Someday when I actually receive them (they are coming from Italy and are impacted by the corona virus quarantine), I will dedicate a ride in his honor. My condolences to his family and friends.

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by Konsi

I wasn't sure if I should be writing something here, being quite new to WWs. But it still feels like someone is missing here with Calnago gone. Having him comment on my build threads felt like a knightly accolade, as being accepted here. My thoughts are with those that were close to him in life, family, friends, colleagues.

I have no idea whether he was religious, neither am I, but this composition by Bernstein can provide a bit of solace. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX1exz7eORo

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by rlanger

That will be a difficult void to fill. Passion, knowledge, patience, and a genuine love of contributing to the community.

My condolensces to his family and friends.

by Weenie

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by Cervelolite

RIP mate - you will be very much missed by all of us!

PS. I'm sure you're smiling down at us knowing we're all stuffed when the C70 is released and you're not here to help get our Campy cable groupsets shifting properly.

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