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by Mackers

Why do we have them when the moderators refuse to implement them?

I am sure I am not the only person here who has noticed a marked increase in the number of members who are here only to sell.
People who continuously offer frame sets for sale, usually new, in sizes ranging from xs to xxl.

Now according to the rules this is not allowed but interestingly enough when one of these for sale topics is flagged, it is systematically and quietly ignored.

(the rule in question:
  • "What do you consider as commercial/uncommercial?
    The for-sale forum is meant for people who want to get rid of used stuff or new stuff in customary amounts, which they bought for example in the wrong size or have to sell because they need the money. All other offerings including services are considered to be commercial and will be removed without further notice.")

So why do we have this rule if it is not implemented?
Or why is the topic I flagged MULTIPLE times not deemed to be by a commercial seller?
It really doesn't take a genius to check a member's posting history and figure out just how much for sale topics he has (had)

the member whose latest topic I flagged has had ~65 for sale topics on a grand total of 105 posts, as far as I can remember all big ticket items and usually frame sets.

by Weenie

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