How do I respond to a for sale advert ?

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by ntb1001

I would like to see the classifieds as well. I'm about build a new bike...and like to look for some deals.

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by Oznerol

prophei wrote:
Sat Apr 29, 2017 1:14 am
I thought I was going insane looking for a section I was told was here... but couldn't see!. Thanks for the info :)
100x this

by Weenie

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by monkeytusmc

I thought I was the only one, thanks for clearing this up!

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by snaxez

I used to see the marketplace when Loged out, but not anymore. Is it still 30 posts needed to see it and if loged out, then it`s not visable anymore?

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by osw000

Having the marketplace section hidden is quite common in forums all around. Does 30 posts guarantee that the deals are more secure? Obviously not, but it's a first filter.
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by mcfarton

I have never seen a classified listing using tapatalk, is there a way to change that?

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by Jbass

I was wondering why I could not find the for sale section :P

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by chiefspinninggear

have been a member for more than 30 days but alas no PM rights, am i doing something wrong?

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by FelixTheCat

Glad I found this post, was trawling through the FAQ's and couldn't find and guidance. So I guess it's 30 or 40 posts, I'll get there soon'ish. Only been 3 years lol

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by ArtV

31 posts and counting. I will get there some day.

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