Cheated in a deal.

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by toastie

Frankie - B wrote:Toastie, that Hero and Villain Idea is a great one. I think we need to use that idea. thanks

I wish I could claim the idea!!
It does work really well but it needs to be easily searchable and not sure how easy that is to implement on the software this site uses? The other forum uses VBulletin I think but it allows each subsection of a forum to be searched individually for topic titles, via a search box on the page. If it's difficult to search it probably won't get used.
But yes a users name followed by hero or villain in the topic title and then a small description of whether buyer of seller etc as the content of the post works very well indeed although as I say it's still not 100% foolproof unfortunately

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by maverick_1

by Weenie

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by alpinestar

Thread is deleted, what was it??

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by ak47

hull80n is back in the sale section, watch out everyone!!

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by 964Cup

He might be banned, but he has a new listing today: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=139510

Lightweights for 1300€? Pull the other one, it's got bells on.

+1 for the TZ-style H&V section, and for a minimum post count before you can sell anything.

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by JasperGr

Can't we just ban his IP?

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

post was removed.
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by junchen


He's back

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by DonW

What a world we live in where cheating people out of money for used bike parts is a thing.

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by mcbbcn

You almost have to use Craigslist rules for any transactions online. You can google them in needed but never send any money if you don't have the product in your hands. eBay for instance has mechanisms for holding your payment until you have the merchandise, you can google this information too. I hope it helps.

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by Illuminate

Did they end up getting caught?

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by WinterRider

Illuminate wrote:Did they end up getting caught?

?? Get him ??
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by alpinestar

I have been asking the police I Sweden for a update for a long time but no reply! :/

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