I've become a mod!

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by nikh

I've had a couple of PM's already so I thought I would just explain myself.

So just to let you all know that I have become a moderator after being asked by Florian to assist him in moderating the forum.

So you all better behave yourselves :wink: or else they'll be trouble :shock: :) I am joking of course!

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Xterra Racer
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by Xterra Racer

Get a life Nikh......awwww just kidding. Good to see that your going to watch over us all. Keep an eye on those Roadies....they seem to get into little bitch slapping fights all the time.

Keep up the good work on this site!!

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by Superlite

What a schmuck! :wink:

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by nikh

Just testing the old wise one :wink: :?

Hey I'm still learning :oops: :)

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by :-)

dont worry about watching me ...... im always as good as gold :lol:

you will no doubt find aol uses are far harder to track than others :lol:

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