Adding weight with for sale posts.

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by UpFromOne

Hopefully this is the correct thread, but since the site has "Weight" in its title, maybe we could place a suggestion in the For Sale rules that the poster include the actual WEIGHT of the item, or at least provide a link to it?
Most sellers try to do this, but I'm getting tired of having to PM quite a few sellers of late solely to get this basic information.

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

That is indeed a good idea. Need to implement that.
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by Kayrehn

If a buyer is looking for something light, shouldn't he/she already have an idea of what the part in consideration weighs? Not all have a scale I think, and for some components weight might not be a concern.

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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Since pics are already required (good move!), why not get a pic with the part on a scale or at the very least a notation of its weight. Too bad manuf's websites are often erroneous (see how I didn't throw them under the bus for gaming their weights and sometimes just plain old lying?!), so a link isn't a solid option.

For what it's worth, I support a pic of the part on a scale. A written notation in the post would work for me, too.

@upfromone - great suggestion.

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by thewatchtech

I have always hoped that sellers would post weights as a routine practice. It's seems like common sense to me since this site is mostly (all?) about saving weight on bikes & bike parts. However, I wouldn't go so far as require sellers to list the weight or post a pic of the item on a scale.

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by UpFromOne

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I wasn't calling for an absolute requirement, but at least a formal encouragement in The Rules to post weights.

I concur that the manufacturer's claimed weight is often useless, and I dislike having to go do research esp. on an esoteric part. And I've actually had PM replies to weight inquiries with "no idea"(!) - that's fine if you don't know, but the chances of me buying that part get a whole lot less.

Not that weight is the be-all & end-all, but it's certainly a substantial factor in our trading decisions.

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by Juanmoretime

I do think its a great idea for the site to recommend and encourage the posting of weights on anything in the for sale section.

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by Anders

As an engineer I would then require a accredited calibration certificate for the weight used :-)

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by bazmac

I am new here and agree that to see the item for sale with a picture of it on the scales helps make your choice easier.


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