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by madcow

The weight listings are now current. 6 months of submissions have been updated and nothing remains in the queue. Unfortunately in 6 months there were only about 50 items submitted. We encourage everyone to submit their weights for the listings.

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by austke


Thank you
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by Weenie

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Do you think what were the conditions which happens to subscribe only 50 subscriptions in 6 months? What weighing criteria you are using to check weights? Is there any process to submit the weight listings?

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by ross

Hi Mark

Spend some time reading the FAQ and threads in here



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by markspend01

Hey mad cow well i think that you doing the great job like encouragement those peoples whose have the capability of sharing their weight listening.Thanks!!

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by MisterNoChain

This forum is very much alive, but why are the listings not updated anymore?

I added the weight of a carbon frame from Cube to the listings (usefull info for other ww's i think) but then i saw the last new weight was added in 2012 ...

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by drainyoo

My guess as to why people aren't submitting much is that it takes too long for the listings to be updated. 6 months is a long time. People see the old listings and figure that they're no longer getting updated. There has to be a way to set it up so that the submission is immediately entered into the listings. Also, I submitted a bunch a few months ago and none of them seem to have made it into this update.

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by KingOfCrank

It has been a couple years since I have been on the weenies site. It used to be a good site to look at the listing to compare frame set and parts weights. I don't see any updated frame set weights since 2012. What gives this is the weight weenies still isn't it?

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by totoboa

Why don't you get a student volunteer or similar to help out here ? Thanks and keep up the good work. :D

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by alexapi32

Any update on this topic?

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by jamesbass

I have substantial database and coding experience and will happily help out (for free) if you are having trouble. I'm trying to build a bike and it's a damn shame that there are barely any new listings there. Maybe it could be changed so that updates are instantaneous?

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by sawyer

Is some periodic update still occuring ... is it still worth us submitting weights?
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by prendrefeu

Are the listings being updated?

I was thinking about starting a thread in Cycle Chat - just one big general thread - specifically for weights of components. The parameters for posting would be stated in the first post of the thread, but it's a general place for people to find a weight of an item (regardless of road, mtb, cx, whatever) so long as people make the effort to describe the component accurately and post a photo with the item on a scale (±1g accuracy).

My reasoning for this is Google searches: I've seen that when I search for a certain part's weight there is a high likelihood that someone on WW once posted a photo of the part on a scale in some thread somewhere. So long as people make an effort to list things clearly (model, brand, year, dimensions, specs, etc:.) then people will be able to find the weights of the parts they're looking for.

There will need to be some moderator to oversee the thread however: deleting posts with discussions (because it won't be a place to discuss parts, even though it is in "Cycle Chat", and deleting posts that do not fulfill the basic requirements of a weight listing.

Thoughts on this?
The only issue I see is that it is difficult to search within a thread on this forum's software. Google can do site-specific searching, but that's site-wide (weightweenies.starbike.com)...

I can get it started this week, possibly. I'll be tearing down a Cannondale CAAD12 105 and weighing each component, plus I have plenty of other parts which can provide weights.
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by jorisee01

Cant we as a moderator to update the list with our input? Post in the thread a picture of the part on a scale + part description. A mod puts the part in the list.

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by Weenie

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by Funkymonk

I'm a newbie. First post. Been browsing the forum here for a few months though, and just recently dropped a few grand on a new Emonda. I'm having a ton of fun with it and starting to get a little brainwashed by WW. Small upgrades planned to drop a few lbs. I just learned tonight that the "listing" section is completely useless :( I didn't even check before, I just figured when the time came I'd have a massive resource of parts weighed out to help me navigate purchases. It's weird because the forums seem relatively active! Is there ever going to be a fix for this? Where people can start submitting again? How about a simple vote system where we can vote out garbage submissions without much Mod intervention. I am considering starting a new subreddit like reddit /r/weightweenies if anyone is familiar with the site. Just my $.02, appreciation ya'll!

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