Any chat room so we can chat?

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by Stylomilo

hi Florian, is there any chat room etc irc for us to chat? :twisted:
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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

Yeah florian, Can't you create an "off topic" place for us?
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by Bruiser

It will reduce the number of posts for reading, but increase the flow of dialogue between individuals.

I think it's a great idea.


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by spytech

i once used this great tool, but they do not allow it to be used for free anymore, it was called hear me. one person can talk through a mic (and it broadcast to everyone in the chat room), and everyone listens, but at the same time others can chat and comment on what your saying, thru this little chat screen window. it was easy to access, and intergrated into a web page in a few mins.

when you goto their web page it takes you to paltalk, i have never used it but will it work, so that it can bring all the weight weenies together?

does anyone know of another company that provides a service like this for free?

ok here are the prices of paltalk, i guess its not free anymore.

Monthly Prices:
25 person capacity room $59.95
50 person capacity room $109.95
100 person capacity room $179.95
200 person capacity room $269.95
300 person capacity room $399.95
400 person capacity room $499.95
500 person capacity room $599.95

if we can not find another free service i am willing to donate for this cause, maybe we can get a discount for a whole year or something? 600 users at a few bucks each, we could do it :idea:

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by ZeroLite

I am also interested in a live chat channel. I am going to check further with some pps I know and see if we can get one going. I know mIRC and Polaris are a few of the chat programs that are free or were free. I will get back to this post.
I want your input.

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