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by prendrefeu

Is there any possibility of having a new forum which is just dedicated to mechanics/maintenance?
The main forums are interesting for tech/weight discussions... but the threads that are "my so-and-so is squeeking" "how do I install cables?" or "something is wobbling" seem to all be in a general category of "help, I can't figure out how to fix something"
...and the forums that are normally devoted to tech discussions, or part selection, get littered with the mechanical-help-me threads.

So if we get a new forum for just the mechanics/maintenance, maybe people might be better able to find what they are looking for if they have a problem in the future and our tech-oriented forums stay true-er to their purpose.

Just a thought.
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by Ozrider

Good idea
Ozrider - Western Australia
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by horse

Not necessary. In the spirit of the forum all technical issues should be addressed in the main board. All other threads per se go in the Chat section.

How technical is technical? If person opens a discussion they should follow it through to conclusion with some new pieces of information, no matter how mundane the subject. Most people however will post a question and disappear entirely.

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