Beware Bike Inn / Trade Inn - Any problem is fault of customer

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by jwest

Want to get f'ked? Bike Inn will help screw you if gvien the opportunity.... I have ordered many times from BikeInn now to find out they blame the customer for accepting a package which looked fully intact in a large bag but inside is missing 1 of 4 tires after being repaired by someone on the route. The box fell apart from being destroyed from within BY ITS CONTENTS of heavy enduro tires and no stabilizing materials.

Somewhere it been wrapped back up inside a larger bag and taped very well. Ironically if that person had done the original packaging, it would have made it around the world a few times no matter how often it sat in the rain....!

So the jerk at BikeInn, or someone who cannot grasp what actually happened, on the other end of my written claim, which is merely asking for a replacement tire, is writing that it was my fault for accepting this wrapped up bag.... ? It did not look damaged, just weird wrapping. In fact, the heavy duty plastic bag I got was very securely wrapped like a netting of tape. Why would I refuse something that looks perfectly intact ?! But this person is saying its too bad, I should have magically known to refuse it..... how can you even refuse when you just find it at your door?! WTF ?!

I've spent over $6500 usd with them since Nov 2021.

This is on top of a fully lost order of $560 usd that is now 10-12 weeks old with no refund yet.

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by jwest

2nd issue: order lost from September 9 2023 ... They wanted me to fill out some bogus form stating I didn't get the package when all tracking info shows it obviously was lost from the system back on 2 october as seen here:

"Latest Update

Your item has been processed through a facility in DEN HAAG A POSTNL IMEC, NETHERLANDS at 11:31 am on October 2, 2023."

This silly form asks for ME to fill in the "shipping date". So you go look at the order on BikeInn website, you write that which is the 28th September, and then some twat replies saying it is supposed to be the 29th.... I tell them their own website says "28", these people refuse to read the order but are stuck on repeatedly asking me to fill out the form again, sign it, attach email again, etc 29. W T F ?!

You know who's never screwed me or been weird, Merlin UK for parts. Also LordGun so many well packed orders, especially Merlin.

by Weenie

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by cyclysa

Oh man this isn't good. My package is looking lost as well. Ordered just over three weeks ago. They're looking into it.

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by miguelito

Same crappy experience here. Was falsely accused of leaving traces of use on cycling shoes that I returned. I barely tried them on on the carpet and they refused to refund. After my second pair with correct size arrived, I learned that the item should have a protective film on the sole (that my first pair never had). Customer care rep woudn't listen to the argument that I shipped the product in the same state that I got. Beware!

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de zwarten
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by de zwarten

Not that it helps in this case anymore, but I always take pictures of packages how I received them, and when I just opened them. That's the best 'proof' one can show when facing a problem with what's inside the package.

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by maurice1

Kept reading good things about them but my experience with them was awful. Terrible shipping, poorly packaged, denied responsibility when something was defective and overall poor customer support. I wouldn't use them again

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by fatpinarellorider

You can't have it all.
If you want super cheap prices, then don't expect much in the way of customer service.
If you're the type of person who returns a lot of stuff, then my advice is not to use bikeinn.

I never return anything there, I usually just resell it.

If I had a decent paying job/wage, I would absolutely not order from tradeinn/bikeinn, no.
I'd just order everything from competitivecyclist. :mrgreen: :noidea:

I have saved a lot of money over the years with bikeinn, so I'll keep using them.
I'm pretty sure their low prices won't last forever though.

Things change. I remember when one of my go to places used to be excelsports. Not now though.
So for the time being, bikeinn basically has the best prices on the entire internet.

Especially ever since wiggle/CRC flopped.

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by mikehhhhhhh

I've saved a lot of money ordering from TradeInn.

I've not had any issues yet, but I always order on my Credit Card for the extra consumer protection that affords us in the UK.

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by froze

Can't you contest the charges through your PayPal, or bank card people?

I was going to order something from them about a year ago, but when I checked the reviews on the store it was VERY low and bad, so I didn't order the item. I just checked their reviews today and they only have a 1.35-star rating, that's an F grade!! No, thank you, I would rather pay a bit more and do business with a more reputable company than gamble with my money.

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by perwjensen

My experience hasn't been great either with Bikeinn. Needed warranty repair on a powermeter, and responses read like a robot. They never responded with anything resemblin and answer on how to make a warranty claim with them. I was lucky to be able connect directly with the manufacturer and they are taking care of it.

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by alphaphoenix

My first purchase experience with Bike Inn sucked. Item was labeled as in stock, but took weeks for a tracking number, and more weeks for delivery. Took 6 weeks for delivery and the item was shipped in plastic envelope with zero padding.

Yes, they often have the best prices, which seems to only serve as bait, but based on my expererience, items may not actually be in stock. Perhaps they are running an online drop ship like business as they search for the cheapest whole sale or purchase bulk returns before said products that's suppose to be in stock is shipped. At least canceling an order is rather painless.

I now only deal with Starbike for international bike related purchases. For domestic, good deals can be had at Bike Tires Direct.

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by froze

All these places are a hit-and-miss when it comes to prices, sometimes I find cheap tire prices, as an example, on Bike Tires Direct, but sometimes I find cheaper prices on Amazon, and sometimes I've found cheaper prices at various online bike shops, when I go on Amazon there are several extensions that I have that will sometimes come up with a cheaper price somewhere else. I never go to just one place, but I do check to see how that place is rated.

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by Chuckybbb

Re: Bikeinn, I ordered 2 rims back in November 2023. Received 1. Charged for 2. I'm still waiting for the resolution with my credit card company.

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by TheBelgian

And they're not always the cheapest.
On Bike-Components you can buy a Shimano Ultegra R8170 Di2 brake lever with shifter for 197 euros. BikeInn: 456 euro for the same part ....

Also they are a platform. Not everything you order is sold by TradeInn. Other merchants are active on the platform, e.g. "Biknair" or "SportsSeller_Rest", with their own conditions concerning refunds.

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by moistcamel

Had so many problems with the INN website lineup. And most people i know too.
Nightmarish interaction tbh

by Weenie

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