Does weight weenism annoy people?

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by GZAmk2

Leviathan wrote:
Sat Jul 25, 2020 9:36 am
For me, Weightweenies was always and remains a tech forum. Years ago the rarest, most exotic tech was super lightweight exotica, handmade by a professor type character in their garage.
If you've been on the forum forever, as we have,
The issue this forum faced is the transition from that artisan, often self-built bike lightness into "I just bought the most expensive Cannondale/Canyon/whatever and its 5.6kgs". Whilst I think there are still truffles of interesting tech, so much of it now is about why the new Trek is better than the new Specialized, or even, god forbid, why SRAM actually works, which is just boring.

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by UpFromOne

cheapvega wrote:
Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:44 am
in my brief time here I haven't seen anyone dump on cheap parts or proclaim light expensive parts make them any faster.
I officially proclaim that light bikes make me faster. :lol:

by Weenie

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by Protsi

BenSiskri wrote:
Wingnut wrote:
Tue Jun 23, 2020 11:53 am
I've never really had any isues with it myself, I can see the point people make about cutting a few grams here and there and the silliness of potential risks going too far to cut weight. I used to be a Weight Weenie back in the early 90's when I had more money and I was single, I was also hooked following greg LeMond who was so adventurous and innovative.

The other thing I notice on here too is the ridiculous money spent and shown on here just to save a few grams, now that's fine as yes it's WW's but if I was to question it I would expect to be either totally ignored or ridiculed for it...there's quite a bit of entitlement here...
I'm not a WW, but I find it fascinating the lengths, and money people spend in order to lose weight from their bike/bikes. Which is why I'm on here, as I like to see how the projects develop.

I don't race, but I still don't want a heavy bike, but just changing the stem, seatpost and wheels will suffice for me. When spending money on a bike, or trying to lose weight, my view is 'is it value for money & will it make me appreciably faster?' Will buying a £5,000+ bike with Di2/Etap make me lots faster than a £2,500 bike with Ultegra/Force? Not really, as much as I like new tech.
Nicely said.

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by Alexbn921

cheapvega wrote:
Sat Aug 01, 2020 4:50 pm
This is what it really comes down to. Raw jealousy. I saw a thread on Reddit recently where people were piling on all the "idiots" who weren't pro cyclists but had the gall to buy anything more than 105. One guy even bragged about seeking out anyone with a top level groupset and trying to pass them with his Sora bike just to feel better about himself.

I don't get it. I don't need to be a race car driver to enjoy a Porsche or an architect/general contractor to like a nice house. Live and let live!
I had a guy on a Yellow Pinarello Dogma Chris Froome edition refuse to let me pass him. Then he chase me back down and pass me only to get dropped again. He did this 4 times while I was just keeping a steady pace on the climb. The final time he waved his hands and gestured me threw. Some people are just weird.

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by MiddMan

I think bringing down weight is always a plus, to a point. However, I'm still not convinced that über-lightweight materials and components necessarily translate into performance gains or, more notably, have the same safety and stability. But in terms of getting things down to 6.8kg I'm all for it.

As others have suggested, this forum has evolved over the years and is not exclusively about what is the lightest. Nevertheless, I've found it to be a great place to learn from people expertise and meet those who have similar interest and passion for cycling.

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by cheapvega

I don't think it annoys me, but I am starting to kind of get over it now that I've basically got my build under 6kg

I think I have enough parts to start cobbling together a cheap aero-ish build. If I'm faster on it I might sell my WW build

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