Does weight weenism annoy people?

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by GZAmk2

Leviathan wrote:
Sat Jul 25, 2020 9:36 am
For me, Weightweenies was always and remains a tech forum. Years ago the rarest, most exotic tech was super lightweight exotica, handmade by a professor type character in their garage.
If you've been on the forum forever, as we have,
The issue this forum faced is the transition from that artisan, often self-built bike lightness into "I just bought the most expensive Cannondale/Canyon/whatever and its 5.6kgs". Whilst I think there are still truffles of interesting tech, so much of it now is about why the new Trek is better than the new Specialized, or even, god forbid, why SRAM actually works, which is just boring.

by Weenie

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