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by Rejo73


I have some issues with BIKEONLINE and GRIGIO CARBONIO, in my opinon the worst companys in the buiness of MTB parts, they will tell you anything to sell there products, all is just lies and salestalk, i can only recomend you keep as far away from thees companys as possible.

The issue is that bought my self some light weight wheels for my MTB the Hardwheel T1000 from Grigio Carbonio, i ordered and paid the wheels in December 2018 i was promissed delivery at the end of January, they delivered at the end of March, becourse of the delay i tryed to cancel but Bikeonline or Grigio Carbonio would not accept, unless i would pay them 300 EUR to cancel the order.

When i finally recived the wheels i decided to use it, after 4 times of use the rearwheel totally eksploded, see picture, i contacted Bikeonline and Grigio Carbonio to claim a warrenty replacement, The Hardwheel T1000 is sold with lifetime warrenty, they told me that if have been ridding trails on my MTB no warrenty would be covered, i decided to ship back the wheels, offcourse they refused to replace the wheel, they offered to sell a new rim for a higher price than the first one.

For sure i did not want to buy a new rim so i asked them to ship back my wheels even the rear is broken, they refuse to return the wheels feeding me lies about they can keep this as long as they like and do with it what ever they like.

So they keep a almost brand new front wheels no damages, a rearwheel with damages even i asked them to return this, i wonder why!!

by Weenie

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by godzuki26

Did you ship your wheels back to Bikeonline or GrigioCarbonio? What reason did they give for not returning your damaged wheel? This is just strange on the retailers part. I do feel for you. Those wheels are very expensive and it appears that you were not abusing your wheels to cause the damage. I’m about to pull the trigger on the GrigioCarbonio T1000 Attack stem but now I am having doubts. Even though there are pictures of the stem on a mountain bike, will they tell me sorry no warranty if I crack it using it on a mountain bike?

Edit: OMG there is a picture of a guy doing a full on jump on them on a cyclocross bike under their testing section. So that will make me believe they are ok to take off road.
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by Rejo73

They wont give a reason to why they wont return the damaged rim, yes it´s very strange, i don´t have any trust in the products from Grigio Carbonio, what happenden with my wheel could very easelly have ended in a very bad crash.

Doing one jump yes, but will it hold for a all day ride, my answer is no.

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by Valy

Get the bank involved to get money back?

Also the spokes seem to have dents in them, were they crashed?

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