i want one!

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520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

i know everyone bags on Ridley, but the Fidea team colored X-nights look awesome.

http://www.cyclingnews.com/photos.php?i ... axa05/axa4

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C a s r a n
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by C a s r a n

Colours are very nice indeed.

But these aren't X-Nights; Fidea has bad experiences with the X-Nights. Look at the explication of simon in the topic about the Ruddervoorde cross:

simon wrote:...
they don't ride ridley crosswond(that's the better all-aluminium one, the other is called crossbow), and they don't ride ridley x-night(it is said that they broke several x-nights, i had no problems with mine so far and really hope not to damage one...), they use the ridley supercross, scandium frame with carbon seatstays. i don't like carbon stays at alu frames, so last year i chose crosswind, then i got one x-night, and this year three of them. i never really thought about the supercross, but if my frames start to brake, i will have changed really fast to supercross frames...

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