Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by G6612

I am in the market for a Cyclocross bike, I am just looking to ride this as a winter bike and occasionally ride on a local trail system by my house with the kids. Not going to race just going to ride as a beater/bad weather bike. I came across this bike from Bikes direct pretty inexpensive and just what I am looking for. Anyone have any experience with these bikes do you think it will serve my purpose. I am honestly tired of playing the ebay game and losing at the last second.

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by dwb

They are great bikes for the money. I got a Fantom Cross Pro a couple years ago and really like it. It has been raced and ridden and is a reliable bike. The Motobecane Fantom cross frame are a knock off of the Fuji Cross frame. The bikes are high quality and will definitely serve your purpose.

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