Rear SS hub options for 135mm

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by prendrefeu

Hello -

I'm wondering if anyone here in the CX world can offer some advice & insight into some hub options I'm staring at. The frame has 135mm rear spacing, horizontal drop outs. I intend to run an SS setup, and there are no disc tabs, so I'd rather avoid a disc hub and be penalized the weight of the disc mounts on the hub.

These two hubs are "light enough"
Tune 180?
American Classic MTB 210 rear? (Hard to find though)

Paul W.O.R.D. - The only problem with this is that the chainline is way out at 50mm, which forces me to run a MTB crankset to get that chainline. And it's threaded only which limits my gear choices.

Any others I'm not aware of?
Would a normal freehub type hub be strong enough for SS use? I've heard arguments on both sides: "Yes it will be fine" and on the other side, "a single speed will need a stronger wheel build, so the flanges need to be spaced as far wide as possible, so stick with an SS hub"

I could really use some advice/insights here. Off-road isn't my forté.

Other useful bits that may help you help me:
+152lbs this morning
+Intentions of training on steep fire-roads and some not-too-technical singletrack.
+Weight matters, but so does price. Spending more than $300USD on a single hub is not a consideration for this build.
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by StradaJon

White Industries Standard ENO is available as a 135mm non disc single speed or flip flop.
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by prendrefeu


But I don't need the ENO, already have horizontal dropouts on this frame and the WI Eno Hubs are really heavy. The weight of one is basically the equivalent of potential front & rear combinations.
So I'm not really considering the WI Eno hubs.
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by euan

A normal freehub build will be totally fine for CX. I mean if they are good for MTBing they are more than adequate for SSCX.

For my SSCX I'm just using a 135mm Surly SS hub, somewhat heavy if I remember but its just a cheap fun build.
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by schmiken

I use standard freehubs for XC MTB and have no problems, just use a wide based sprocket.

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by Cyco

The Chris King one isn't too heavy, and has room to modify the chainline with spacer placement
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by Briscoelab

The regular WI eno hub is not the same as the eccentric eno. It just has bolt on ends and accepts freewheels. The WI freewheels are the best out there.

I'd get a Chris King with fun bolts. They aren't heavy, come with a very nice 18T cog, you can adjust chainline with spacers, and can change gearing quickly. They are also well sealed, durable, and have fast engagement (which is a nice bonus for SS riding).

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