Carbon fiber headset cap and brake stop

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by Riccfs

Hello all,
I recent was asked to make a carbon fiber headset cap with a combined brake stop that would cleat the P4 head tube bulge. Here it is and it weight less the the FSA carbon headset cap.

I can also make them for standard head tubes, it would probably take off a gram or \Two. If any one is looking at purchasing one place contact me.

FSA carbon head set cap 12g
C2C carbon cap and stop 9g

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FSA carbon cap 12g
C2C carbon cap and stop

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by euan

This was also posted on the road forum.

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by Frans

I said it once and I'll say it again - the most I'd pay for that is about £20 for just the hanger.

If the hanger replaces my 1.5cm conical headset top-cap then I suppose I'd go up to £30.

Given the performance "benefits" of a bit of carbon where alu does a great job, there's not a strong business case.

Also, note that people are moving from steerer tube to fork crown mounted cable stops to deal with judder.

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by vcnz

Frans wrote:...Given the performance "benefits" of a bit of carbon where alu does a great job.....

In my case, the carbon hanger was a huge improvement compared to alu since was the only way to get rid of fork chattering. I changed brakes, brake pads etc. but nothing worked. I almost came to the point to throw my fork away (Easton Ec90) but the carbon hanger worked ! I bought the Berner, it costs 23eu, in terms of money/improvements it was my best buying ever by far, I also bought it for my 2nd bike.

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