commute, CX, caferacer and touring DISC bike in one?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by jooo

All the Shimano and SRAM 10 speed stuff is 3.95mm c2c spacing.

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by the_marsbar

maddog 2 wrote:But AFAIK Shimano MTB 10spd are (slightly) different from all other 10spd cassettes

I don't think so since there's a lot of MTBs selling with SRAM rear derailleurs and Shimano cassettes.

by Weenie

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by adriano

i think you and i had similar things in mind.

huge pic.

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by toosahn

Gunnar Fast-lane

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by Lawfarm

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by bones

bluerider wrote:Specialized Crux Apex Disc

Agree. This is one of the best value for money framesets available. A great all around frame, and it has discs!

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by availpunk9

Just built up a Surly Disc trucker. It's for pure commuting; it's quite porky. It rides great and BB7s are awesome, especially loaded and in the wet.

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by the_marsbar

adriano wrote:i think you and i had similar things in mind.

huge pic.

Strange how the front brake is mounted on the other side of the fork. I can't help but think that's not a good choice. There must be quite some forces when using the front brake, wouldn't it be better to "push" the caliper into the back of the fork blades instead of "pulling" the caliper from the fork when braking?

Or is the fork not mounted correctly? The cable should be on the back side as well, no? :?

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by bikewithnoname

Adriano, I’m with marsbar, is the fork mounted the wrong way around?

Mind you all front cantilever/v-brakes are fitted on the “wrong” side of the fork too (although I did have some Pace RC-35’s that mounted the v-brake on the back of the fork) I guess as long as you don’t switch the steel mounting bolts for ALU you might be ok?
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by dwb

Actually putting the caliper on the front right of the fork is a rather intelligent design. In the conventional location, a caliper may be strong enough to act as a pivot and shoot the wheel out of the dropouts. Hence the rise of lawyer tabs.

Moving the caliper to the front of the fork will push the axle farther into the dropouts and moving to the right side does not require a mirror image caliper. I was actually hoping that this would be the standard for road/cx disc bikes since these bikes still use quick release skewers. Mountain bikes have solved this problem with through axles. Of course forward facing dropouts eliminate the problem as well...

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by thesergeant

I had this same dilemma recently. I originally purchased a Salsa Fargo since I figured it was the most versatile bike you can get (and it is) but after a 750 mile tour I decided I wanted something a good deal lighter and faster on the road.

I really couldn't find a lightweight disc option that I liked. I owned a Salsa La Cruz which was great but it was like 24lbs. I looked at the Vaya but it's 25lbs+ and even the Ti version is no more than 2 lbs. lighter.

Instead I ended up with a Salsa Chili Con Crosso. I like the versatility of it (1x10 stock) or SS if you like. With a few changes I've gotten the weight down to less than 17.5lbs fully geared (2x10 compact) and even less in SS form.

Rather than spend a ton of money getting a light bike with discs I spent the money on lightening up my gear for touring. Now I can run full softbags for touring with a 17# bike, saved a ton of money and have new awesome gear. For commuting I usually run 42x17t SS with a frame & top tube bag (homemade).

Keep in mind though that I had to upgrade the brakes from Canti to mini-Vs to get more power. I opted for the more expensive TRP CX8.4s but any of the Tektro line will work and are much cheaper. I find the braking to be more than adequate and I'm coming from 180/160 discs on my Fargo.

Just a thought.

Touring Mode (1x10 for that trip)

Commuting Mode:

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by giantdale

thesergeant, you might find the below link of some use:" onclick=";return false;

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by ww4

apology, took a while for the feedback as I wanted to test this bike all out on grandfondo (dirt, ruff roads at any conditions etc).
anyway....bought me one this Boardman Hybrid Team at the discount price, the picture is standard, the upgrades discribed below - use your imagination ;).

The bike pedals well, with quick steer response and stiffer than some carbon road bike.
The wheels a bit heavy but will carry heavy loads if needed be. This bike mainly use to commute to work, so I upgrade to carbon bar, seatpost & saddle and add on finders front and back with SPD pedals. The gears & brakes works well on dry, dusty and rainy dayz, had no problem since bought in early May.

Only thing I like to upgrade more to weight weenie side is the wheelset (carbon rims, XT hubs & butted spokes), light weight brakeset and gears. So comes summer time, take the wheel fenders off and should have myself a flatbar cafe racer.

And if I may....DISC brake is the way to go for all bicycles, its a little heavy for some but its getting lighter and better.

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by Dammit

I've got the Boardman CX Team, it's a good bike- well thought out and well made.

In the configuration that I have it, it's quite heavy, but then its my training/raining bike, so in a way that's almost a good thing.

Full mounts for whatever you want to run also.

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by Cif

I have a Cannodnale Bad boy and I absolutely love it.
Use it for road riding, commuting and CX/light XC.

Bought myself a set of 32mm CX tires that I use on the standard RIM.


Still looking for an extra set of wheels. Getting pretty tired of swapping the CX tires with the slicks and back and back and ....
But not sure what to choose, CX wheels or road wheels. Looking for some carbon wheels, but they are pretty hard to find with disc brake hub.
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by Weenie

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