Crank Bros 4Ti usage issues

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by vcnz

I tried to switch on 4Ti for weight saving but it didn't work.

Every time I've to clip in it's a lottery, it takes too long to catch the pedal in the right position.
Even worst, if I miss the clip and keep pushing, chances are the pedal turns underneath the sole. I was killing myself
in a few situations, I also broke a saddle for that.

Needless to say, I switched back on spd after a couple of races and the 4Ti are collecting dust in the garage.

I used 4Ti for a couple of MTB seasons years ago, but I'm not able to use them in CX

Does anybody use Crank B. pedals without any issue ?

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by Peter_E

I have used egg beaters for cross for 2 seasons now without problems. Not as good to clock in/out as spd but alot lighter and better in thick mud than spd.

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by simonj

I agree with the OP.

I switched to Eggbeaters for the last two races this season. I had a lot of trouble finding the sweet spot of the pedal on a few occasions. That said, I'm keeping them because my M520's got jammed up with the slightest bit of mud. I'd rather have pedals that take a tad longer to clip in, then not clip in at all.

I'm sure its just a matter of adjusting my muscle memory.

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by 5shot

I've been using Egg Beaters for cyclocross since they were first introduced. For me, they are the perfect 'cross pedal for several reasons: they shed mud extremely well; they are easy and fast to click back into after dismounts; naturally light weight; and easy to service.

I don't know if this is an issue for the OP but right before the start of the 2011 'cross racing season, I bought a new pair of Sidi Dominator 5 shoes. At fist, it was difficult to clip into the egg beaters with the new shoes because of where the treads were. After a week of so of riding every day with a lot of dismounts and re-mounts for 'cross training, the bottom of the shoes "wore in" and the difficulty clipping in went away.

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