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by dlight

Looking to get a new crankset bb30. I've been using FSA SLk mega exo with an adapter. It creaks a lot.

So went and bought Sram Force but can not find a 46 chainring in 110 bcd. What are my options? I could just return the crankset and get another FSA SLK in bb30 configuration.

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by 5shot

SRAM does not currently make a 46t in 110BCD. Don't think they make a 36t either. You could swap cranksets or simply purchase a 46t FSA chainring.

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by thisisatest

sram does make a 36t, but not a 46t. they do make a 48t. fsa's 36/46t setup would fit fine on a sram force crank. or you can keep your 34t on and purchase a 44t outer from cyclocrossworld, as most people dont spin out a 46t in cross anyways.

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by dlight

How is the cyclocrossworld ring? I was thinking of 46 only since there weren't that many other options. If the Thorn rings are of good quality I would opt for a 44.

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by JBV

I've been running a Thorne 44t for a couple weeks. Quality is pretty good, certainly better than anything FSA. Probably on par with SRAM rings (I ran a SRAM 46t before). I'd recommend it as a low cost option.

Wickwerks and Zanconato are two higher-cost options, but they are really nice 'cross specific rings.

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by Oblio

The Thorne rings are really high quality. I however had an issue with upshifting from a SRAM 36t inner ring to the Thorne 46t outer. My admittedly naive theory is the ring's physical thickness makes the gap between the two rings slightly larger.

I contacted Cyclocrossworld, and they told me that they hear of this issue from time to time and suggested matching the outer Thorne with another inner one or an FSA inner rather than the SRAM.

I haven't had the time or scratch to test it, opting for a cheap Origin8 46t outer for the time being.

*This is on a 110bcd SRAM Force BB30 crank.

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by bikewithnoname

seeing as you are on weight weenies I'm going to have to mention Fibre-Lyte carbon rings
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by durkonion

SRAM is coming out with a 46/36 combo for 110 very shortly. ... hainrings/

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