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Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by simon

boonen:i heard richard(at dugast)had around 8 tubulars of those white ones for some riders of some countries(for me there would have been 8, too, but i didn't buy them).
it was exactly like you said, saturday's course was even worse for those tubulars, but everyone who had them rode them, because it was the newest, coolest thing that only the special riders had. the thread of the new typhoon cross tire has more grip because it is a bit higher, so there are no real advantages(exept weight and maybe looks)of the white one.
i recieved a set of dugasts with michelin jet thread, hope that this one joins the advantage of grip in corners and low rolling resistance...

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by 520 Dan

they have the dugasts with michelin mud tread for sale at

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