Ultegra Cantilevers

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by Dov

Has anyone rode these and are they any good?

I've been offered a set (front and back) for half price but wasn't sure whether to pull the trigger. Advertised weight seems good at 140g each

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by TurboKoo

Mounted them today, seemed fine. Felt little better than TRP EuroX in terms of stopping power.
Hard to tell anything more 'cause I only rode 1 hour. But first impression was good.
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by thisisatest

we got some in the store last week. have not mounted them yet, but it's nice to get three different pad spacers for differing rim widths or canti stud positions. they def also tried to maximize mud room while still being semi-low profile. as usual, it's a well engineered shimano part.

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by dereksmalls

Umm, what's that got to do with brakes? (I don't know the answer by the way)

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