TRP CX 8.4

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by jcrr

mjduct wrote:anybody put these on yet? I'm thinking they would go with my next build since they provide more leverage for my Weenie Campagnolo Chorus shifters...

I have a pair I need to pick up from a good friend. Only reason he's selling them to me is to replace the blue ones (in pics above) with another color that match his bike better.

He claims the 8.4s (in addition to some FMBs) turned his bike into a new, much-improved machine. Right- this is 2nd hand info, and aside from being a close friend who knows a heck lot more about CX than I do, the guy is fighting for the podium consistently, so I trust his experience.

FYI-I use shimano/sram, and the 8.4s work well re: cable pull. Make sure they'll work well with your version of Campy.
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by Weenie

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by mjduct

jcrr wrote: re: cable pull. Make sure they'll work well with your version of Campy.

I'm trying to do that right now!!!

TRP's website says they mate well, but then again that just means they can sell more of them to us Campy riders :smartass: :smartass: :smartass:

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by Boralb

These brakes work perfect with my Sram levers :thumbup: They are very powerful and feel like hydraulic disc brakes, specially after using the stock euro-x canti's...



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