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by Erez_Pinarello

Hey guys, I'm new to cyclocross and would like you assistance getting the answer to:
What are the current leading cyclocross brands in the world?

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by willf03

I would say they are undisputedly:

1. Empella
2. Ridley
After that it get pretty scattered; Kona, Redline, Giant, Hot Tubes (who I believe manufactured Jonathan Page's bike), Steelman, Colnago, Bianchi all make great bikes and are popluar here in the U.S...

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by Skyleth

Don't forget about:

Seven - Mary McConneloug
Independent Fabrication - Johs Huesby & Tim Johnson

Hot Tubes did make Jonathan Page's bikes, before he rode for Cervelo.

Gotta love custom!

Specialized also has a new Cross bike out now which I'm a big fan of... except for the Fork...

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by Cyco

Richard Sachs
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by simon

hottubes even now makes page's bikes, they're steel frames with cervelo stickers.

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by Optimo-GmC

Cannondale with that Italian guy!
2011 Cannondale Flash 29er (in order)
2008 Cannondale SuperSix
2007 Cannondale Taurine (for sale)

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by simon

that italian guy complained about the geometry of his bikes last year. at least the colors were nice after the italian championships. he then buyed ridley forks, one step forward...

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by pinky

I heard Page's bike is a cross variant of the Prodigy, I believe it was jokingly known as the Crossiant or something like that, Cervelo is supposed to be finalizing the design, but who really knows.
Huesby is a still Fior di Fruttia boy so he's on a 'dale, and god knows what Tim Johnson will be riding this season, but if it's an IF I'll crap myself, maybe way back when he was still riding with my club...

At this point cyclocross seems to be pegged as the next big thing by quite a few companies-I work for the promoter of cross nats and bascially every major US manufacturer has contacted us...then Specialized bought the bike rights to the entire shebang.

Empella and Ridley are deffinently the top Euro boys that you see in the States, and I'd say Redline and Kona have built pretty damn good reputations with their bikes, though alot of that is through commuters (...), Specialized opened up with a ridiculous push this season and most people are buzzing about them. I've got a Van Dessel that I'm very impressed by, and Fort also makes some great bang for your buck race frames.

I could go on and on.

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by Colnagoman

Also take a look at Morati, titanium bikes.

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