Fango vs. Grifo

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Grifo vs. Fango

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by Colin

I rode my Fango's for the first time tonight (albeit briefly), they seemed good. On grassy fields and hard pack dirt they gripped just as good as my Schwalbe Rocket Rons, but rolled much faster.

Tomorrow will be my first race on them, so we'll see how they do. Unfortunately we've been in an extreme drought for months now, so I've got no clue if I'll get to try them out in the mud any time soon, or even this year!

by Weenie

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by Colin

I raced them (32c Fango's) last night for the first time. They were great! Like I said before, just as much grip as the Rocket Ron's I had before, but much faster rolling. I ran 40psi for this first race, but I'll probably drop it down to 30psi next week.

Am I the only one, though, who can't really notice the "suppleness" of the tires? I noticed the lower pressure, but I honestly couldn't tell that they were more "supple".

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by Briscoelab

You won't notice any suppleness when running cx tubular tires at 40psi!

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by scale29

haha +1 I'm 83kg and rarely use any more than 2 bar in my 32mm Dugast Typhoons, most of the time I'm right around 1.8-1.9.

40psi is very hard, also the Challenge casings are nowhere near as supple as a Dugast or FMB.

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by Colin

So, the "suppleness" everyone talks about is from low pressure, not the tires? If so, wouldn't tubeless (assuming you had a setup that you could get not to burp) also be "supple"?

BTW, I am liking my tires. I love not having to worry about pinching, but I dread the day I have to put new one's on! :?

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by nitropowered

its a combination of both. you need lower pressure to take advantage of the suppleness of the casing.

20psi on a challenge casing is going to feel different from 20 psi on a Dugast casing

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by Colin

That makes sense. Although I doubt I'd notice a difference big enough to justify the price increase!

What pressure do you guys like to run in your tubulars? I've been running 35 rear and 32 front, which feels good. I tried running 30 front and rear but it squirmed around to much!

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by derekshred

It all depends on conditions. If the track is smooth and the corners are easy, then a little higher pressure can be a little faster. If it's super slick and really bumpy, lower pressure gets a little more traction and smooths out the bumps. If the track is REALLY rough, rocky and gnarly I save my tubulars and ride my big tubeless clincher tires.

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