What weight is considered "light" for cross?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by prendrefeu

Simple question, and I may have just been unable to find the thread that points at the answer despite a search:

What is considered a 'light' or 'weight weenie' race-worthy bike in cross applications?
Both in lbs and kgs.

I'm asking because I'm staring at my build which is coming in at a portly 18lbs, and knowing full well that most of the components will be replaced with better/lighter/stiffer/stronger options, but I also look forward to a weight target to move towards.

Thank you.
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by liam7020

What frame are you using?
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by nitropowered

I would say 17-18lbs.

I've heard from lighter Pro riders that having a really light bike causes them to skip over things rather than stay planted.

I definitely choose durability at the cost of weight when it comes to cross components

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by prendrefeu

Using a Specialized Crux Elite (not Expert, Elite is the "E3" Aluminum version). The frame is a bit on the heavy side, but since I'm intending on thrashing it a bit anyway, I've decided to stick with this frame.

The build was put together by my insurance company's consulting firm (that specializes in 'sports equipment' replacement) after my prior CX bike was stolen.
Needless to say, there's plenty of room for weight reduction.
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by voodoojar

My problem with getting my cross bike light is I know I'm going to crash it and light parts are expensive.

Here was my last cross bike when I first built it 2 years ago. It weighed right around 15 lbs. Then I had to replace a bunch of stuff I broke over the course of a racing season seatpost, stem, FD and had to run full length cables to keep the mud out. By the end of the year it probably weighed 17lbs but was solid and could take a crash.


Here is the same bike, it's retired now and I ride it to work when its rainy.

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by prendrefeu

Excellent - there's some inspiration, thanks Voodoo. Jar.
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by Peter_E

I would say below 7.5 kilos is pretty light for a cross bike. Personally I think a light bike is much more important in cross than on the road because of carrying and accelarations. Some light wheels and good tires are the most important features of a good bike.
My crossbike is right at the 6.8-mark without using extremely light parts but the frame/fork are really light though.

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by availpunk9

My coach raced two ~14.5lbs Blue Norcrosses last season. No mech issues whatsoever. I consider that light. My rigs come up a hair over 17lbs.

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by vcnz

Mine is 7.1 kg with a bomb proof frame.

Last year it was less than 7kg with 1200gr wheel set but I destroyed the rear wheel, so I learned the lesson

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by cyclemanpat

mine comes in at 14.6 lbs and I also use it on MTB trails 3 times a week and have never broke anything!! Ride smooth and pick good lines and parts will last!
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by Briscoelab

My wife's speedvagen from last year was 16lbs ready to race... and that's a steel frame :) (although a small size) My steel Hot Tubes was 16.75lbs and my Speedvagen is 16.5lbs. My previous carbon bike was 15.75lbs.

I think anything under 17.5lbs or so is doing pretty good. After a lap it's going to be covered in muck and weigh a ton anyway :) Durability, FIT, and stiffness/handling are way more important if you're racing it.

Those Crux frames are nice. Todd Wells won nats last year on an aluminum Crux :)

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