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by delighthd

HEy Folks,

I´m glad I found this forum, gorgeous professionals answering all kind of questions! Thanks for that so far!

Now my question:

I´m going to buy a new Cyclocross Bike for me and my girlfriend (each should own one at the end, god knows why).
After years of cycling Titanium is the only material that comes into my garage!
But know the problem...both bikes together shouldn`t cost more than 5000€.

So there are only a few competitors left: KOCMO, JERONIMO and LEITWOLF.

Up to my oppinion Jeronimo makes the best frames im comparism, but is it really in practice?.

The Price is nearly the same on each.

And the next question is the setting of the bikes:

I have left some Avid Juicy Carbon Disc Brakes and a complete Sram X0 set from my MTB...I wonder about building it into the new bike...

My GF has a Kocmo Racebike with a Ritchey WRC Carbon steer and Dura Ace set on it...Maybe it should be transformed onto the new bike.

But we both need a new Wheelset of course.

By the way the CC should also be able to manage some larger tours with some backpackin action...means an optional lagguage rack is included in the frames!

So which of the 3 titanbuilders would you advice me to buy and do you have maybe some tips for the setting!?

Thanks a lot to the weight weenies

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by vcnz

I don't know those brands, so I don't have any advise for you, but since you like Ti, you might want to have a Ti fork too. In that case Kocmo would be an option. I bought a Litespeed CX but unfortunately there was no option for a Ti fork, but I have it on one of my 2 Ti mtb and I really like it (yes I'm a big fun of Ti stuff)

You can use your Avid brake, as long as you set them up on a flat bar of course

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