Empella versus Cube

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by Stoeperd

I'm going to buy a cyclo cross frame and can't deside between Empella and Cube. Do you guys have experiance with one of the frames?
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by deejay

I don't know about the Cube but I've ridden Empella for the last three or four seasons, currently I have a pair of SLs. I've never had any problems, they build up into a nice light bike and give a great ride, I'd certainly recommend them. They also look great, those carbon forks are beautiful!

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by simon

the steering tube(is this the right word in english?the tube where the headset is in)is really short at empella bikes, and it does not get longer with bigger frame sizes. so if you're really tall, an empella frame will look odd because you have to put a lot of spacers under the stem. i've ridden empella 4 years ago, good frame. the fork has a lot of mud clearance.
i heard of the cube frame that the top tue is over 2 cm longer than the seat tube, normally cyclocross frames have a shorter top tube or equal length(e.g. 56x56 or 56x55,5).consider this when choosing the framesize.

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