80mm rim for cyclocross?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by NextRiot

Anyone seen this done? I did a quick search here and on google.

I know it's completely useless, but it would be interesting to see a cross tire on something so deep.

Unless there are advantages to it... but I didn't think there are.

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by isaacross

Marianne Vos did so on Cole wheels. 2006 or 2007 i think. Only for a few races though, she then switched to 45's.

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by musket

It's not so uncommon, as the shape of the rim sheds mud better. Though as has been said, 40-60mm is more common (and perhaps offer more compliance, depending on rim).
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by rustychain

Cyclocross magazine did some high speed photos in mud and sand and found that in sand after the initial entry at speed the extra rim depth can work against you. Actually nothing does much good in deep sand. In mud it depended more on the type of mud. Their point was that two issues are at play. Keeping mud/sand off of the top of your rim, as will happen with a typical box rim. Then you have an issue with deep rims adding friction as mud clings to the sides. They ended up suggesting that a fairly shallow V shaped rim was best for most situations and that the biggest thing was to keep up your speed. This pushes the mud/ sand away from the wheel. They failed to mention however exactly how plausible doing so is ;)

I have used carbon rims up to 50 and under my limited capacity I think tires and skill amount to more then rim depth. I'm mostly using Edge 38 rims or Major Tom rims. For mud I prefer the Toms but some of that I think is the extra mass helps me keep up speed. That said I'm way down the food chain competition wise so take my observations with that in mind.
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by ms6073

thought about using Reynolds SDV-66's tubulars until I saw another racer use the clincher version on a mostly grass but hard-packed Texas course last year. Asked him what he thought after the race and he indicated that the roll on the smooth stuff was nice but despite relatively low tire pressure for clinchers, the wheels beat him up on the bumpy stuff. With ~75-80% of the course being like that, he also indicated it made it difficult to maintain the pace of the leaders and he opted for a Reynolds DV46 the following.
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