130BCD 44 chainring

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by availpunk9

Last year I raced 46/39 rings w/12/27 cassette. I think I would have eliminated some front shift if I ran a 44/39 up front. I'm trying to find a 130 BCD ring w/ramps & pins. So far, I'm not finding much. Will the 5 tooth jump up front not require shift ramps?


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by ms6073

Last year I ran a 44/38 set of THORNE Koksijde chainrings in 130 BCD on FSA K-Force standard cranls and was pretty happy with them . The rings are sold by Cyclocross World in the US and include ramps/pins as well as a chain drop pin and are available in 42, 44, & 46 tooth rings for 130 BCD as well as 110 BCD. There is also the Canadian company Blackspire which being the tinkering type, I am currently trying out a set of the 44/36 chainrings in 110 BCD. I have to say that I am not as excited about these rings because (a) the color of the anodization differs between the two rings; and (b) shifting from the small to large ring Ridley X-Night, FSA SLK BB30 cranks, DA 7900 front deraileur, and brand new Gore Ride On Pro cables, is not as clean/crisp as with the Thorne rings.
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by Oregonic

What brand of rings were you running with the 46x39 combo? Other than wanting a closer ratio, were you happy with the shifting performance? I'm thinking about going with the same setup for training this summer, I just don't know what brand to go with. During the season, I usually run a 1x9 for simplicity, but I spin out when training over the summer with the limited gearing.

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by availpunk9

My A bike was set up w/46/39 Shimano rings and B w/42 single. The double combo shifter just fine; it's just I found I needed to shift to the 39 in the most inopportune times.

Decided to try a 44; that should help me stay in the outer for all but really steep gradients.

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