Should I go with disc?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by rustychain

I'm going to have a new frame built this spring. I'm going back and forth on brakes. I plan on using the bike for some races, some trail riding and some winter training. I already own several sets of suitable wheels for cross. The issue is I never really feel good about braking performance on my cross bikes using cantilevers. I used disc brakes on my mtn bike and like them. I admit to feeling they just are wrong on a cross bike but the pratical advantages make a good argument. It will mean buying several sets of new disc compatable wheels. If I do go disc I'm leaning to Avids that use cables. Hydraulic looks like overkill to me but I'm interested in your ideas
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by nitropowered

why not trp mini-v brakes. Many people say its what braking should be on a cx bike and others as being way too powerful (but i assume that is the learning curve from switching from poor canti's to v's

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by andyp

I've been running a cross bike with Avid BB7 cable operated discs. I found them to be immensely frustrating as, despite investing hours and hours in trying to get them set up correctly, I found the brake performance to be vague, i.e. you really had to grab them to slow down, and they would quickly lose adjustment, meaning you had to spend another 15-30 minutes getting them set up again after each race.

I've abandoned them now and gone back to cantilevers. I've kept the frame they were on with a view to considering hydraulic discs once the industry comes up with some that work with road levers, but I'm not going to bother with cable operated discs again.

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by slim83

you could always go with disc tabs and cati studs with the rear wheel spacing at 132.5 and on the brake cable stops go with the larger disc line guides and use the cable stop inserts if you run cantis. Then get the seatclamp with the built in cable stop if you run the canti. this would give you the option of both and yet still keep it fairly clean looking no matter what you choose. I think it is only a matter of time before someone like Sram brings out a hydro road type lever and caliper and it would suck to have a nice custom frame that you are limited on what you run. If it is steel you could always add the tabs later but then the cable stops still do not work well.

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by rustychain

So what disc set ups are folks using now if Avids have issue (I presume it's do to the road levers)?
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by jörgl

Three disc crosser, all with avid bb7 and no issues :D

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by monty dog

I've had a BB7 equipped 'cross bike for 5 years with absolutely no problems - but they are heavy. It depends on whether your priority is for reliable, all conditions braking or weight-saving. SRAM are rumoured to be bringing out a pair of RED shifters with hydraulic disc calipers for next year, but at the moment this is just vapour-ware.
I've just fitted some TRP CR950s to my race bike and they're incredible in comparison to the Euro-Xs I removed - installation and adjustment is far easier than the Euro-Xs and I'd recommend them if sticking to rim brakes, particularly if you're in the weight-weenie camp. I got my 950s seriously cheap and expect to see some deep-discounts as people prepare for discs for next season.
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by bones

Velonews has already reported about the expected onslaught of disc-equipped frames from the major manufacturer's next year. The UCI only approved disc brakes at the end of 2010, after 2011 frames were already well into production. Cantis are going to be no more. The advantage of discs is huge, especially in muddy conditions.

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by mcarr810

No probs for me with the avids but they're right about the whole ne whack of cross specific frames and forks hitting the market later this year

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by vcnz

I would go for disks only on a training bike but I will never upgrade my racing bike with disks, actually it's a downgrade since I would add 500gr (at least) for something really unnecessary.
In cx races there is no need to have more brake power, especially on slippery ground and muddy conditions.
Also, If you already have spare wheel sets it doesn't sound a good deal, you would need to buy wheels again and additional disks...

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by the_marsbar

I think discs for training would be a bad idea since you'd get accustomed to the extra braking power? This is the same reason for me not to do mountainbiking in the CX-season.

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by mcarr810

Using two different braking systems on the same bike is a bad, costly, and labor intensive idea. Swapping wheels / brakes will be a nightmare. Using one bike with Disc's for training and one without and then racing with the other one would not work very well as noted. Pick one and go with it

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by zojirushi

I second andyp's experience to the t. Heavy and obnoxious to setup. Cantis are light and obnoxious to set up. :D

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by 5Nm

No. go avid shorty ultimate.
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by zambony

I had the same "problem" not so long ago, I wanted to rebuild my cross bike. I had Shimano R500 and Tektro cantilever, both were pure garbage. The rear spacing (cross specific) wheels and expensive front fork were a massive turn-off for me; especially for 1 piston cable brakes

instead, I bought myself a set of shorty ultimate; they are AMAZING. I'm so glad I didn't switch to disc!

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