Can one run 46/36 with a SRAM Force or Red crankset? If so,

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by AaronKellogg

It sounds like your issue might be with varying bcd between the compact (46/36) and the previous crank? I've been running a standard red crank for a bb30 with some sram cx rings I pulled from a rival crankset. I had to file down the chain drop pin on the outer ring as it was contact the crank arm. Wickwerks make some great cx rings. A quick look at their site shows a 44 option but I don't see a 42 for a two ring setup. Generally a 42 ring would be used with a single ring set up and I know those are readily available. Check out they carry a couple brands of rings and might have what you are looking for. Good luck!

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by ms6073

nayr497 wrote:Are others running SRAM cranks with 46 or 42 outer rings? I don't know if they've redesigned the spider or what and I know I had a TT/aero ring, but tech support told even a non-aero 42 wouldn't clear. (I didn't want to monkey around with cassettes, was hoping to keep my same gearing.)
Cant speak to SRAM, but prior to last season when I switched to Wickwerks 46/36, I had used the Thorne Koksijde rings in 44/38 and 42/38 with FSA k-Force and Cannondale Hollowgram cranks in 130 BCD. Send me a PM if you are in the US and would like a set of used rings.
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by Cosmo

SRAM sells 46/36 for 110BCD, 46/38 for 130BCD. The compact version is sold as a complete crank but not easy to get, typically it's buy a 50/34 ad get rings. I use the 46/36 on Force cranks, shifts very well.

A 36 will not fit on a 130 BCD crank, smallest ring which does is a 38. 42 is typically for a single ring setup.
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by xjbaylor

No reason to worry about compact or chain-drop with a 10t differential. Standard 52/39 rings feature a 13t differential, and most compact cranksets are 16t. 10 should be a cakewalk to setup and get functioning reliably.

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