650B Randonneur - need recommendations

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by erickB

HotKarl wrote:To be honest, this forum is probably not the place to have a conversation about a randonneur bike, unless you are planning to build a bike with an emphasis on light weight. You might try the iBob list or one of the randonneur lists, where there is a wealth of experience in building this type of bike.

The TA cranks and rings are perfectly compatible with modern 10 speed. I have a 10-speed Shimano Dura Ace cassette on my bike and have had no problems. In terms of bottom brackets, they just take a standard JIS taper. The Phil Wood Ti-Mg JIS bottom brackets for a double weigh 146 g (for 116 mm, which is for older Cyclotourist models) and 154 g (for 123 mm, which fits newer models).

I’ve never broken a clamp on a Huret derailleur, and there are plenty on E-Bay. Suntour Superbe front derailleurs also work well and are pretty. It is possible that with the newest model of TA crank (available at Rene Herse Bicycles in the US), you might be able to use a modern derailleur with a profiled outer cage.

Not sure how much the Mafac centerpulls weigh. I use Mafac Competitions. Mounted on studs they are quite light, though. Competitive with modern very high end brakes; in fact, they may weigh a little less than Shimanos.

If you’re going to use the bike for its intended purpose (long distance riding), it’s my opinion that there’s no substitute for clipless. Platform pedals can get quite unpleasant after a few hundred miles, although of course all the old greats rode quill pedals, but there’s no point in suffering! In general, you’re going to want to go with a mountain bike/cyclocross pedal; I really like Eggbeaters and they are extremely light.

Finally, some advice on working with a builder. It’s best to discuss the general intent of the bike with the builder, need for racks etc, give the builder a list of the components you want to use (including tires and lighting), have a quick discussion to ensure that you agree they are the best components for the purpose, and then set them free to do what they want. Don’t design lugs for them or try to select tubing or give them exact parameters for geometry. They are professionals, and even though we all know a lot about bikes, their expertise far exceeds ours.

some one knows a link to this "ibob" and "randonneur lists" sites?

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by AdvanceSpark

Due to a tissue problem on my left foot/ankle I didn't have a chance to ride the bike. I felt better today and took it out for a spin. It is unexpectedly fast. I have a Bianchi Mini-Velo from Japan with an oversized aluminium frame which feels really thick and heavy. The sensation I felt when I switched to my friend's Tarmac SL3 is gone. This is definitely better. It just responds the extra power I put on the pedals and throws itself forward. The tissues in my ankle are still tender, so I couldn't push it hard, but I got the idea.

There are some differences from NAHBS photos. Some of those parts belonged to Chris, so here are the updated parts:

Selle-Anatomica saddle
Ritchey Classic seatpost (debadged)
Mavic quick releases (will change)
Iribe stainless bottle cage
Steinbach platform pedals
Cinelli alloy pedal clips
SKF Bottom Bracket

My custom Tune BB was more than 100 grams lighter than SKF, however 100.000 km (65k miles) life expectancy with a 10 year warranty is hard to beat.

The bike was weighed with fenders, front and rear lights, dynamo hub, pump, one bottle cage, platform pedals and clips (w/o straps), a bell, and front rack. Being a 60x57 steel frame with a steel stem, I think the result is pretty awesome.

10.84 kg / 23 lbs 15 oz


by Weenie

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by oysters

That is an awfully beautiful bike!

I love how the rear light is mounted. What is that rear light?

Seeing this made my night :-)

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by AdvanceSpark

oysters wrote:That is an awfully beautiful bike!

I love how the rear light is mounted. What is that rear light?

Seeing this made my night :-)

The rear light is made by Mitch Pryor of MAP Cycles. It's screwed on to the purpose built braze on. It's battery powered and blinks when the red lens is turned clockwise. I will modify it later to make it operate as a steady and blinking light. Don't know how and when, but definitely will. Blinking is not good for pelotons, it's disturbing for the follower.

Jitensha.com has a similar product by Kimura. It only runs a steady light and does not work with a battery. You either have to modify it, or find a way to connect to the generator hub / bottle dynamo. The design and finish is very good.

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