Avid Ultimate Shorty fit issues?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by 104

Hit the back of the brake with a file. I had to on all of mine. Works like a dream now.

Or, go with TRP CX-9's if you don't need the extra clearance. AMAZING power.

by Weenie

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by Spirometre

get 'em working like a dream now.

filed the brake posts to perfect length so no washers. perfectly flat surface and NEW Ti bolts.

$8 for 4 Ti bolts, M6 x 16mm from ebay. they also have a 5mm head and MUCH deeper than the stock ones. FAR more secure and lighter to boot! would recommend this as the 5mm head allows much better/more confident tension than the shalow 4mm ones.

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by ACree

Dredging up and old threat, but came up and gave me good info when I was googling.

FWIW, after switching to newer fork with shorter posts, my front brakes were binding. I had long since lost the other set of SRAM provided washers for post 2008 forks. My solution was to use no SRAM provided washers, and instead use one presta valve nut on each stud, after drilling out the threads on the nut. Everything is working free now, and appears there is still plenty of thread engaged in the post.

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